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Shipping from the UK to South Africa

Shipping a parcel cheaply and quickly for distances over 6000 miles requires:

  • Precision
  • Very mobile transportation
  • Fuel efficient-delivery methods
  • Constant communication and innovations

These are the areas Parcelabc specializes in. Having efficient routes for postage deliveries, making precise calculations and being constantly ahead of the competition allows us to dictate terms. We are motivated to help senders find the best shipping solutions for their parcels. Whether it is determining the quickest route or locating the cheapest option, shipping from the UK to South Africa is our specialty.

Remember that according to South Africa’s import restrictions, you cannot import:

  • Narcotic, psychotropic substances and habit-forming drugs in any form and any paraphernalia relating to the aforementioned.
  • Fully automatic, military and unnumbered weapons, explosives and fireworks and weapons of mass destruction.
  • Poison and other toxic substances.
  • Cigarettes with a mass of more than 2 kilogram per 1000.
  • Goods to which a trade description or trademark is applied in contravention of any Act (for example, counterfeit goods).
  • Unlawful reproductions of any works subject to copyright.
  • Prison-made and penitentiary-made goods

South Africa is fighting against rising murder rates, poachers and child labour. These are quite sensitive topics here so please be cautious when sending media or literature regarding those topics.

Before you ship a package from the United Kingdom to South Africa, make sure you understand the responsibilities that we mention on our website to avoid any possible delays and hold-ups in customs.

Regarding UK originated parcels, South Africa’s postage experts suggest using a clean container, providing the right set of documentation, maybe even a few excess document copies and choosing your packaging materials wisely. Since the travel distance is so huge, you need to make all of the necessary steps in order to protect your parcel.

Parcelabc would like to add that on our website you can get all of the necessary information about how to ship to South Africa and how much it is going to cost you. Fill in the quote to get suggestions for shipments and compare the prices between the services of various couriers and postal companies.

Upon arrival, shipments are inspected by customs office. If you are sending something expensive or valuable, please make sure that the documents are accurate, and the customs officers have no reason to open up the parcel. Imported items that can’t meet import requirements and cannot be treated can be redirected or destroyed at your expense, so be careful and follow the guidelines we describe here or contact our team directly by e-mail so you would not be charged for these services from the South Africa’s customs control.

Once the package gets cleared, it is very simple from there on. Qualified courier companies will handle your parcel on to its destination in South Africa. Shipping from the UK to South Africa via Parcelabc is flexible, cheap and time-efficient. Parcelabc takes pride in giving customers the decision to determine their best methods to ship packets to South Africa from the UK. Choose from the options available and contact our team if any questions occur.

Parcelabc focuses on 4 main features:

  • uncompromised quality
  • rapid responses
  • client-oriented service
  • fair prices

all of these qualities provided at premium levels with the availability to select your preferred shipping method, we believe put Parcelabc above its competitors.